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Aim; make more knowledge on sparrows available worldwide.
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Additional site with research on Sparrows can be found here:
International Studies On Sparrows.

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An article related to the house sparrow has been added to this site.
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Huismus Bescherming Nederland (chair E.F. Karman) (not dated)
"Habitat Elementen van de Huismus"
Essentiele Functionele Leefomgeving van de Huismus .

Beschrijving van de 10 habitat elementen die essentieel zijn voor het broedsucces, en daarmee voor de Staat van Instandhouding, van Huismussen.

Bollinger T.K., Mineau P and Wickstrom M.L. (2005 )
"Toxicity of Sodium Chloride to House Sparrows (Passer domesticus)".
A research on the most common deicer used on roadways in Canada and the United States.

Dawson D.G. (1964 )
"The Eggs Of The House Sparrow".
This paper summarises the characteristics of House Sparrow eggs from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dawson D.G. (1966 )
"Breeding In The House Sparrow".
The aim of this study was to elucidate two aspects of sparrow ecology - production and nestmortality.

Dawson D.G. (1967 )
"Roosting Sparrows Killed By Rainstorm".
An observation and research of the result of a rainstorm on the 3rd of february 1967.

Dawson D.G. (1972 )
"House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) breeding in New Zealand".
House Sparrow breeding in New Zealand is described.

Dawson D.G. (2012 )
"Where Have All The Sparrows Gone".
Article in the Wimbledon Society Newsletter.

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